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Member’s Only

We are now accepting applications for membership. Join today as Membership openings are limited! And for a limited time, the $100 application fee is being waived!

As a Card Carrying STFC Member, here are just some of the benefits!

  • Partial Aircraft Ownership! - STFC is an Equity-Based Flying Club. You will enjoy partial ownership in whatever the number of aircraft the Club purchases!
  • Lower Hourly "Wet" Rates! - As an Equity-Based Flying Club, you will enjoy paying less for what you love doing most; FLYING! Our "Wet" rates include fuel and oil, so there's no hidden costs!
  • Safe and Affordable flying! - This is the core of our Mission Statement! STFC aircraft will be maintained to exceed all Federal Aviation Administration Regulations!
  • Red Carpet Treatment! - Atlantic Aviation at KCRP has welcomed us with open arms! Their professional staff are available to you from 5am - 11pm. Call ahead to have the Club aircraft pulled from our hangar space and be ready to go when you arrive. When you return, they will refuel the aircraft and put it back in the hangar.
  • Monthly Club Meetings! - Surround yourself with like-minded people at 11am on the 3rd Saturday of each month at Atlantic Aviation's Conference Room. So whether you are a current pilot, a rusty pilot wanting to get back in the left seat as Pilot In Command (PIC), or want to begin or finish your flight training, STFC is where you need to be!
  • Learn To Fly Here! - Want to become a pilot? Let us help you fulfill your dream! Our Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs) will teach you how to fly and earn your wings in an aircraft that you partially own! Make your dream come true by joining today!
  • STFC Card Carrying Member! - Our Members have bragging rights and are issued a membership card identifying you with a Flying Club unlike any other! You can take pride in knowing you are part of a thriving General Aviation (GA) community. STFC Member has a Secure Login to a Member Only Private Area of our website. There you'll find Forum. Chat with other STFC Members and Officers. Read and post "Squawks" and so much more!
  • Be part of our Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Twitter channels! Stay connected! Post your videos and photos!
  • Social activities! - As a family friendly Social Club we will have fun activities on and off the airport!  Want to learn about aircraft maintenance? Love Movies? How about fly-ins? BBQs and cookouts? Or perhaps a bowling night? We will do all of this and more! Club Activities will be posted on our website calendar.
  • We Love Our Members! We look forward in having you as part of our Premier South Texas Flying Club family! Join Today!